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We are devoting our days to proofreading and beta-testing the news site, and in lieu of new content, below find the very first post we published, from April 18th, 2011. In it Ben Ehrenreich reports getting 11.8 million hits Googling “death of the book”; today that phrase returns 56 million hits. But no matter how often its demise is reported, the book endures.
— Tom Lutz

The Death of the Book

Pity the book. It’s dead again. Last I checked, Googling “death of the book” produced 11.8 million matches. The day before it was 11.6 milion. It’s getting unseemly. Books were once such handsome things. Suddenly they seem clunky, heavy, almost fleshy in their gross materiality. Their pages grow brittle. Their ink fades. Their spines collapse. They are so pitiful, they might as well be human.